FARM FILM FESTIVALNumbers and curiosity

1.000 Euros + 1 week in Farm

Among the most important awards definitely there is recognition “Best movie Farm Cultural Park” that is established by FCP and includes a cash prize of 1,000 euros and a commemorative plaque and one week in the seven Courtyards of FCP to enjoy within a year.

7 Courtyards, 7 Awards and 7 Categories

There are 7 categories and each category includes a commemorative plaque and residence in 7 Courtyards of Farm for a week later this year. The award-7 are:

  • Best Shortfarm
  • Best DocuFarm
  • Best Farm Animation
  • Best Social/Creative Shortfarm
  • Best FarmClip
  • Best Fast&Short
  • Best Film FCP

There will be additional prizes:

  • Best Director, Best Cinematography, Best Screenplay, Best Editing, Best Soundtrack, Best Actor and Best Actress.

7 Festival’s categories:

The categories selected for the festival are seven, just like the number of courtyards involved during the period of the Festival:

  • Shortfarm: Shortmovie on any subject
  • DocuFarm: Documentary on any subject
  • Social Shortfarm: Shortmovie with social subject
  • Creative ShortFarm: Shortmovie with subject “Move!Do Something”, people and places that are changing the world
  • FarmAnimation: shortmovie – animation: time limit 10′
  • FarmClip: Music video: time limit 6′
  • Fast&Short: Shortmovie on any subject: time limit 2′

The Farm Film Festival in its first two editions has racked up well 850 films, of which only 80 members have reached the final.

The movie arrived in pre-selection are from 5 continents and 51 countries around the world.

The 3 countries with most members-film are: Italy, Germany and USA.

Today only two directors have obtained the Final with two different movies in a single Edition.

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Our TeamA jury of experts in the field of cinema

Every year the jury is chaired by a team of industry experts. In the past we have had organizers of international festivals, directors of Rai and two candidates for the Nastri d’Argento. The artistic director of the event’s Director Marco Gallo and staff Farm Cultural Park is headed by CEO of Farm Andrea Bartoli.

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