Best Shortmovie Farm Cultural Park – Premio 1.000 Euro

SACCAGE – Regia di Alexandre BOESCH-BRASSENS, Jonathan BREUER, Julie MANSUY, Nicolas OCIPSKI, Paul GAULIER, Samuel RAMAMISOA, Sylvain MASSON, William RIMA – Francia

I HATE PINK – Margherita Ferri – Italia

For having told with maestrìa the extraordinary story of Violante, a girl who loves the male world since she was very little, but above all for having shown to a very attentive audience the theme that, an open world and a look at diversity in an almost romantic way it is possible, a vision represented by the magnificent interpretation and narration of the parents of Violante and resumed, edited and directed in a perfect way by Margherita Ferri.

Best Shortfarm:  IL TRATTO – Regia di Alessandro Stevanon

The short film directed by Alessandro Stevanon tells a modern fairy tale about friendship, about the details that make social relationships unique and about knowing how to observe and tell people for what they are. History, above all, makes us reflect on how the new generations welcome the theme of immigration, tolerance and integration, which we are discussing so much these days. Finally, the short, in his most intimate lyricism, refers us romantically to one of the most beautiful songs of Italian music “the Old and the Child” by Francesco Guccini. An added value.

Best Social/Creative ShortFarm e Miglior Colonna sonora: EYES, Regia di Maria Laura Moraci

The short film deals with a very delicate and important issue, but the director has managed to capture the essence and sensitivity of the audience through a never banal direction involving the emotions through the eyes and the eyes of the actors, directed brilliantly. The beauty of the soundtrack dominates the setting and acting of the bodies. The music refers to the “Greek chorus” and acts collectively on the scene along with the characters. Space transforms the body and the sound that reverberates on the stage movement in a crescendo of phatos.

Best DocuFarm: LA PRIMA FIGLIA – Regia di Vladimir Di Prima

Photography and music are effective and perfectly aligned with the sentimental theme of history, a strong woman marked by hard life, is the symbol of a Sicily that despite the spreading relativism hopes and perseveres and maintains the value of life.

Best FarmAnimation: THE ARCHIVIST – Inès Bourie – Francia

The Archivist wins for the extraordinary ability to tell the value of knowledge and the importance of passing it on reminding us with a touching narration and the accurate and beautiful image, our need for great masters in this era in which culture is the last bulwark against flattening and mediocrity.

Best FarmClip: LE CHIAVI IN BORSA – Regia di Andrea Sanna – Italia

For having told a story with a young, captivating cut, with deliberate smudges and careful and precise direction. Also noteworthy is a first-order editing that certainly made the difference in the final victory.


Miglior Regia: Adriano Morelli – Il nostro limite

Ozpetekiane atmospheres for the film by Adriano Morelli. The director tackles the theme of homosexuality with great style and on tiptoe. Morelli turns the spotlight on the issue of hypocrisy and falsehood that often condemned to misery. The director, with great skill and intuition, deepening the characters and explores the subtleties of their expressions that often are compassionate.

Miglior Sceneggiatura ex-aequo: Nicola Palmeri – Fisolofia

The philosophical discourse, in its metaphysical aspects, is analogous to the artistic one. Nicola Palmeri captures this principle in the sign. With his original script, he investigates the meaning of being and human existence. Novello DOSTOEVSKIJ, finally, convinces us that beauty will save the world.

Miglior Sceneggiatura ex-aequo: Pippo Mezzapesa – La giornata

Wise and not easy to reconstruct the true story of Paola Clemente, a forty-nine year old Apulian farm worker, who dies of fatigue under the sun. Mezzapesa gives us a courageous work that reconstructs, through the procedural documents, the last hours of life of the laborer exploited by the corporals. Finally, the idea of ​​entrusting the voices of women traveling on the bus that brings them to work in the fields the statements of the trial documents is original.

Miglior Fotografia: Arran Green – Chyanti – Nepal

Veemsem Lama’s short film has a great ability to incorporate moving shots in favor of an engaging and exciting storyline in a breathtaking location that helps to intrigue the viewer in following the plot. Original the use of different spatial levels in the relationship between the protagonists, thus exalting the melancholy family relationship.

Miglior Montaggio: Mathieu Toulemonde – Famille a Vendre – Belgio

Excellent work by Mathieu Toulemonde who with Famille a Vendre demonstrates significant awareness and mastery of editing techniques. In addition, the high professionalism of editing, in all the production departments of the Belgian comedy, written and directed by Sebastian Pedretti, manages to link, almost romantically, sequences of paradoxical and grotesque situations, drawing a bizarre family picture in an unusual location.

Miglior Attore: Antonello Puglisi – Fisolofia

For the expressive acting and the wise use of facial and gestural expressions. Puglisi manages to interpret the role of the “essay” with great emotional involvement making the conversation (grotesque and surreal) alive, participatory and credible.

Miglior Attrice: Il cast di Artem Silendi – Artem Silendi – Francia

The gaze, which betrays disagreements and old grudges, is the only form of communication in the short film without dialogues. The talented French actresses, in the role of the Novice, give us convincing Molierian characters worthy of the best “Comédie Francaise”.

Menzione speciale: Sangita Tamang – Chyanti

With an expressive face and an effective look, he manages to express the discomfort of betrayed childhood.